Saturday, July 28, 2012

What is GERD

To protect the stomach from the strong digestive acids it is fortified with a mucus lining, but unfortunately  the esophagus has no such protection. GERD Prevention - Certain diet and lifestyle choices can contribute to the condition. This is by no means the cure for GERD, but it should really help to control the painful symptoms of GERD while you work on finding the real cause of your GERD. Stay away from preserved meats because they are sure to aggravate the GERD condition. Yasuhiro Fujiwara and his colleagues from Osaka City University state in the American Journal of Gastroenterology, "It is generally recommended that patients with GERD refrain from eating within three hours of going to sleep". You'll find, however, basic ways that Acid reflux is often resolved. You should also try to eat more fiber! One cure, a red apple, is a great natural antacid to eat whenever you feel you might have a flare up. Yet another study states that strenuous activities such as running resulted in aggravated GERD while activities such as bicycling or weight training produced fewer symptoms. GERD is most common in adults over age 40 but virtually anyone can get it even infants. This, however, does not occur with the majority of GERD sufferers. Antacids will probably work for somebody who experiences GERD symptoms once every couple of weeks. If you suffer from both asthma and GERD, it is vital to continue with any asthma medications prescribed by your doctor, at the same time limiting exposure to any asthma triggers.

Believe it or not, this acid is the same acidity as battery acid. If untreated, this can be a serious disease that can lead to permanent damage to the esophagus. The meats that are recommended are more of the white meat to avoid too much cholesterol. H2 antagonists decrease stomach acid production (Zantac, Axid, Tagamet, Pepcid). There are also prescription medicines available to treat some of the more severe bouts with GERD. - The ventricle can contract too much or have cramps, like when one throws up. However, the doctor may adjust the dosage depending on the condition. The GERD diet is necessary to both reduce pain and allow healing in the affected areas of the esophagus.

 In summary, if you have symptoms of gerd, please consult a doctor as there are effective medications that can help relieve the symptoms. Another GERD symptom that causes concern is Barrett's esophagus which can lead to pre-cancerous changes in the tissue lining the esophagus. The goals of long-term maintenance are to control the symptoms and prevent complications. One more appropriate procedure on the physique, is through eating. If you have more air inside the stomach, this can also lead to a reflux.


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  2. I have hyper acidity. You can call it acid reflux. Exercise, Yoga, Healthy life style are the main factor that help to get out of Acid reflux. Stress free life style is also an added element that helps you minimize the effect of GERD.

  3. Stomach acid is something that is curable. Digestion problems such as regurgitation, stomach gas and constipation are easily curable. Banana is a good cure for stomach acid and heartburn.

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